Thursday, November 22, 2007

My first Blog

I am planning to write my First blog for a long time.I used to think a lot but never had the patience to sit down and jot it. Writing gives clarity to ideas and blogs are a powerful medium in which you express your viewpoints without vested interests.The fact that Blogging is past hobby and sometime a full time activity (Like when u meet someone instead of telling ..I m working for X company...u ll tell I am a fulltime blogger..very cool right?).

Blogging is not an easy task.First of all you should have ideas in your mind and should have fluent thinking to back your thoughts with solid arguments. I like my friend Brijesh's blog ( because of this.Also i like tech blogs from ( by a malaysian blogger .He writes tech articles in such simple language and so easy to follow that you don't feel like your are learning.I wish we had something like tech blogs by our professors when we studied in College.Instead of attending Structural Engineering which is a boring topic we would first read the tech article by the professor and then go to the class.In the class we discuss what we read and understood in the tech blog..sounds good right?.For tech blogs another good site is by the famous Martin Fowler who authored best seller books in UML,Agile etc.

Another good source of indian blogs is from Sulekha which is a famous website by Indians in US( site has bloggers and a top 5 blog list so you always get to see intersting blogs.

Blogs adds life to the commercial web of the internet.You identify with others through scenarios and experiences you both have come across.

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Brijesh said...

Welcome to blogging. Hoping to see more blogs from you.

To add to the list of good Indian blogs you can go to and

they link to the best Indian blogs every day.