Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aug 11 2010 Sunday

wake up late after couple of days of late sleep. yesterday played cricket till 11AM and came bak
whole day spend browsing ,reading Getting to Joy, by karuna poole. nice read , has read years bk and nice to read it again .Watched ammas video bt Guru purnima, Amma said the celebration is not for the Guru , its for the Disciple. Its the blessing showered by the Guru to the Sky of the Disciples mind . Boring since family is in india , not feeling like going out ,but had to get some dinner. Bought pizza from Singa's and came back.Called Aparna and spoke for some time.Akhil speaks a lot but seems the fone is not good .so not able to get wht he says. He is nyoyin the vacation and a good change for both.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Hi Ajith JI, thanks for reading the post I wrote on the Gayatri mantra.

Here's my answer to your query:
We could begin with chanting loudly esp for the 6 year old you have, that would be best for helping the mind to focus on the sound with clarity. As you chant more frequently and more comfortably, you can slowly ease into silent chanting - it is considered ideal for spiritual seekers. But first, I'd say chanting loudly would be a good start for your kid especially. Thanks for asking. That was a good question.